The Vast Amount of Responsibilities Entrusted to a Shipping Lawyer in Singapore

The cargo and shipping industry in Singapore can be extremely complicated and rife with arguments, squabbles and legal entanglements. However, whether a person is in the cargo shipping industry or not, most people know that without this type of service, many of the goods that are sold routinely would be difficult to come by. For individuals that are either operating in this industry or are looking to start a business that is related to cargo shipping, the importance of a shipping lawyer in Singapore from IRB Law is invaluable.

A shipping lawyer will handle a wide range of tasks. Because the maritime industry is so vast and complicated, a shipping lawyer may be required for various maritime related tasks. For example, damaged or missing cargo can be a huge issue for shipping companies and the owners of that cargo. What has to be understood is that, often times, manufacturers or individuals will entrust products to a shipping company to be delivered from one place to another. The cargo on the ship is not technically owned by the shipping company and this makes it an extremely important item. However, regardless of how careful this cargo is treated, there are times where failures in refrigeration, accidents and bureaucratic red tape can lead to cargo being lost or damaged.

Whether the cargo issues are due to negligence or an accident that couldn’t be avoided, the cargo owner will need to make a claim with the insurance carrier for their cargo that has been damaged or lost. Unfortunately, much like any insurance claim, especially if the claim is significant in dollar amounts, the insurance company may try to challenge paying out such a hefty sum. In this instance, a shipping lawyer can be a cargo owner’s advocate by representing their clients through negotiations or through court action to have the cargo owner made financially whole once again.

This is only one small area where a shipping lawyer may be helpful. Shipping lawyers can also handle maritime contractual agreements, representing clients during an inquiry over a maritime accident and they can even help shipping companies and shipbuilders assemble the necessary financing needed to continue operations or to expand.