Reviewing Medical Malpractice Cases With A Local Attorney

In Oklahoma, patients file a legal claim after their doctor provided them with a lower standard of care. In medical malpractice cases, the patient must prove that the doctor was liable for their injuries due to this failure.

The cases could pertain to a wide array of probabilities that could occur during surgery, treatment, or when the patient was diagnosed. A personal injury attorney provides clarity for the victims of these unfortunate events.

How Did the Injury Happen?

A medical injury could equate to an injury during surgery that caused a loss for the patient. This could include a loss of organ function or a loss of limb. However, this isn’t the only occurrence of a medical malpractice.

A doctor could be deemed liable for injuries resulting from a failure to diagnose a deadly disease at an earlier stage. The cases could also include the installation of faulty medical equipment for which excessive risks were identified. The doctor could also face liabilities based on personal choices and preferences related to tests performed to diagnose the patient in the first place.

A Medical Witness

In these cases, the patient must have a medical witness to support their claim. The medical witness is typically a doctor with the same credentials as the defendant. This witness explains an alternative action that could have prevented the injury or progression of the patient’s condition.

What Type of Damages are Awarded?

In a medical malpractice case, the patient stands to acquire the full cost of their medical care, all financial expenses including attorney fees, and tort-based awards. The court can assign punitive damages as a form of punishment for the doctor.

How are Settlements Handled?

The hospital board sets up mediation with the patient and their attorney. During this process, the case is discussed, and the hospital board offers a settlement to the patient. If the settlement is accepted, the case ends, and the patient receives a payment. If not, the case goes to trial.

In Oklahoma, patients have the legal right to file a claim against unethical doctors. A medical malpractice lawsuit provides this legal avenue for patients to collect compensation when they sustain an avoidable injury. Patients who need to speak to an attorney about a medical malpractice can visit for more information now.