A Lawyer Like Aric Cramer Can Help Before You’re Arrested

Most of the time, a person has no warning they’re going to be arrested. However, there are times when they might be aware the police are considering pressing charges for something or the police have contacted them for questioning without arresting them first. In these cases, it’s going to be a good idea to hire a lawyer right away, before they are arrested or questioned.

Start Working on the Case Today

It’s never too early to start working on the case. If everything works out perfectly, the charges won’t ever be filed. However, if charges are filed, the lawyer will already have started collecting evidence and working on a defense for the case so they can start working on having the charges dismissed or lowered right away. If the person is arrested after they hire a lawyer, the lawyer might even be able to help have their bail lowered so they can be released from jail while they await trial.

Help With Any Questioning

If the person is asked to answer any questions by the police, they should contact their lawyer right away. It’s never a good idea to answer questions without a lawyer present as the person can say something that accidentally incriminates them or that can sound incriminating when it’s taken out of context. The lawyer will know what questions to answer and how to answer them to prevent more issues for the case.

Try to Prevent Charges Being Files

In some cases, the lawyer may be able to prevent charges altogether by disputing evidence the prosecution has or by demonstrating the prosecution does not have sufficient evidence to win the case. This will mean the person doesn’t have to worry about the pending arrest and can follow the advice of their lawyer to avoid this situation in the future.

Those who are aware they could be arrested for something or who have been asked to visit the police department for questioning might want to contact a lawyer as soon as possible and before speaking with the police. A lawyer like Aric Cramer can start handing their case right away. Visit his website now to learn more or to find a lawyer to help you.